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nd matching thong. It looked like a different woman ! arrived at the flat on a nice big house with a Jacuzzi, a large swimming pool, dance floor, bar, like a night club took place in reality. The only exception was the dimly lit room and play movies on a big screen. There are about 80 people were there in all shapes and sizes and ages. We had a few glasses of wine and played pool with a few other couples. I always felt a little dizzy and had realized that the woman always relaxes and begins to laugh out loud several comments in the initial phase of the background music to master. Around the pool room were a few couples sitting watching of the game, and half a dozen single guys. After a time the drinks came into force on the real. I felt fantastic and I could see the woman, flirting and fun to laugh. Mike and Julie were varied, but most of the time regularly to see a lot of fun. Suddenly my wife grabbed me and kissed me very passionately grinding her pelvis against me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. He whispered, "lets go to the room: " I quickly agreed and we went to a free space, a queen size bed with clean jennymovies sheets and a jennymovies soft light, a pale purple glow appears lying in bed. (Like totally out of character I might add, as she wants to be the submissive in general) my wife pushed me onto the bed and immediately pulled his cock out of my pants and pulled very hard for a minute then has been rapid in their dress, boots, bra and thong then took helped me undress. She took charge again and started sucking his dick with a vengeance to really force Down in the throat. After a minute or so I looked and saw that the door ajar, and a man was watching us. Just a normal guy, fairly tall, of medium size of about 30 I heard my wife and told her we were seeing. To my surprise, she greeted him with the man in the room came without hesitation. She said: " Take off your clothes now," and finds a flaccid tail reveals the average ratio. Then she began to suck again, but his knees with his back to this man who had a great view of her ass and pussy. As she continued to suck my cock, who came between her legs and began to take desperate fingers and begins to whine and complain too much. The man began to masturbate quickly. Suddenly stopped sucking and I lay
Quotes on the bed telling me to go down on her. I did it once when I was very excited and wet pussy that never was. said the man was still masturbating " I suck dick ", so he ran virtuallyon the bed and knelt by her head while she eagerly took his cock all in her throat. Meanwhile, I 'm eating and playing pussy like a madman, as I watched my wife suck another man 's cock. I could feel to be so sucked her clit while forcing three fingers in her pussy and finger fucking like crazy. When he lifted his hips in orgasm, I heard moaning and saw that the other is dripping from her lips, they were still around his cock. Generally, not as seeds in the mouth, but there was another woman ! The poor guy tries to get away after it exploded, but continued to suck and lick his cock, all come until he was gone. He staggered to the sofa where he collapsed. I wanted to put to suck a little more, so in my back, while he repeated his performance cock swallowing. A few minutes later, another man entered the room, saw what was happening and just took off his pants. My wife told him to come and suckMy cock began to draw jennymovies his. Then she told him to fuck hard from behind, but asked for a condom, which quickly found. So there I was, the best blow job of my life was when my wife hit jennymovies from behind by a stranger shortly after another strange sucking dry! summary of what happened after that, I shot a load on the neck, but do not lose the erection, the cursed guy came, the man who aspires to the first, she took it, he sucked in the second person, I pulled her mouth and pussy and forcing the head of my cock in the ass (which is their right ejected), and acted like a crazy animal jennymovies ! We produce more than an hour later, but then ended the night Mike and licking his fucking finger and jennymovies another man blew his load on her face! saw Julie fucked senseless by a great man but then I sucked so we had a great night was it! was what my wife wants to go to night concered. the next day, however, by e -mail to swingers club and signed with us, as members of 12 months! This has opened up our lives so much. We love to visit the club every Friday without fail and have some of the stories for you! Furthermore, our sex life together was amazing ! Thanks for reading.


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Unlike many of the stories posted on this site, we are quite normal people physically. We're both very finished, but my wife is jennymovies very small, only 5 feet tall and weighs 45kg. We have always enjoyed a good sex life together during our 21 years of marriage (which is 46 u0026 41) and were relatively jennymovies little sexual experience when we met. We live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Although we shared some fantasies, my wife always too shy to open and because of shyness, I have never considered other sexual alternatives outside the organization. A few years ago we met a couple recently arrived from the United Kingdom in the smaller daughters graduation dinner. We seem to be dropped and spent much time together on the grill, s movies, family reunions, etc. make good friends. We call Mike u0026 Julie. They are a little older than we are at 42 u0026 48th Mike and I are concerned about the health and squash jennymovies play, lift some weights, and jogging are good friends. Recentland Mike said they were swingers, and regularly attended meetings with other couples and single men in a private home located 45 minutes by car. I was more jennymovies than surprised, as I had always thought it was pretty conservative as we did. Mike explains what happens at parties and invited us to visit with them "just to see how it is. " About wewek later I got the courage of this, my wife, who laughed at my <strong>jennymovies</strong> surprise, and Julie said he had told jennymovies his age, above. I asked what she thought and she said they had had time to think about it and thought it would be nice just to go see. Everything was ready for a Friday night and a few days before the event, my wife was always nervous, excited. I must admit that I do not particularly want to go, thinking it will be a <u>jennymovies</u> "single " Our curiosity satisfied, and that would be it! On Friday my wife had her hair dyed a reddish brown and brown crimpers had used in hisThe hair to him for a wild species. She pulled out the nail polish (for the first time in years ) used the full complement of makeup and left the room with long sleeves, long black dress buttoned up the front, black knee-high boots, big earrings and to my surprise, the black colored stockings with seams and a garter belt a